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Raising Drug Proof Kids


     According to research
released by the Department
of Health and Human Services:

     *  24% of 8th Graders
          use illicit drugs.
          This percentage has
          doubled since 1991.

     *  38% of 10th Graders
          use illegal drugs.

     *  40% of high school 
          seniors use drugs.
          This is up from 27% 
          in 1991.

     *  Over half of senior high
          students are smokers.

     *  Over half of senior high
          students use alcohol.

Gen. Barry R. McCaffrey, Director
of the National Drug Control Policy:

"... drug use by children is up...
and it will get worse if we don't
get organized."

Concerned parents have visited times.

What's A Parent to Do?

While it is impossible 
to "drug-proof" your 
children, it is possible 
to do the things that 
will reduce their risk
of getting involved in 

Let me share with you 
my research showing the 
7 or 8 things you can do
to improve your child's
odds of living

I have prepared a 
pamphlet describing
these simple, yet 
effective things you
can do.

To receive this 
helpful pamphlet 
that no parent 
should be without:

 1) enclose a self-
addressed stamped

 2)enclose 1 dollar 
to cover the cost 
of printing

3)mail to:   
  Dr. J.W. Scott
  2704 Bobwhite Dr.
  Roanoke, VA  24018

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